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We are South Naperville Strength

We are South Naperville Strength, Powered by CrossFit Resurgence. We are more than a gym. We are a community, passionate about fitness, conditioning, strength, and changing lives. Our community consists of athletes from all walks of life, Firefighters/Police, Businessmen and Businesswomen, Up-and-coming Middle and High School athletes, Military, Moms, and Dads.

We're a judgement-free zone, so bring us your goals and we'll help place you in the right program. We'll get you situated in our time-tested group fitness foundational CrossFit Resurgence program, Private and Semi-Private Performances Personal Training or in other programs such as Bootcamp Conditioning, Nutritional Counseling, Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Yogo, or Run Tech classes.

Judgement-Free Zone

Come as you are. Bring your strengths. Don't be ashamed of your weakenesses. We'll support you and build you to be strong.

Certified Coaches

Our coaches are trained and certified to get you fit and strong. But beyond the books and science, our coaches are real and genuine motivators and leaders ready to get the best out of you.

elite training

We put elite training methodolgies in the hands of all of our clients -- for those that are ready or want to take the next step. Some of our clients are fighters, adventure racers, college athletes, ex-NFL, and CrossFit games-bound.

fitness community

Being part of a community that likes to be fit makes getting fit and staying fit easier.

Our Programs

There's truly something for everyone at South Naperville Strength. From beginners and kids, to those who want-to-get-more-fit, all the way to elite sports performance training and CrossFit training -- we have it all!


1. All of our programs start with an evaluation. Not sure if you are fit to exercise click here to schedule your free initial screening and fitness evaluation with one of our professional trainers.

2. Injured and Want to get cleared by a doc before you start? Call Dr. Eric at Illinois spinal and sport rehab to book a full othopedic assessment and get started on a rehab plan with them, and we will work hand in hand to continue to progress you in a safe atmosphere with constant communication with the docs.

Personal training/small group

1. Want to work with a personal trainer to design a custom workout plan and help with nutrition? We have affordable plans depending on the types of services you're looking for.

2. Want to work with the attention of personal trainer but want to do it with a friend or two for added accountability? Ask us about our small group rates.

South Naperville Strength


1. You have heard of people getting amazing results from Crossfit but you are afraid to start because a) you are too out of shape or b) you don't want to get hurt. Not at our gym! Schedule your free one on one consultation and meet with a professional coach to see what the best path is for you. The foundations program is affordable to get started and everyone works with a coach for a minimum of 10 sessions before getting released into group classes. There is no pressure to move on before you are ready, some people prefer to stay with the coach for 20-30 sessions! You are in control.

2. Hybrid memberships. Want to enjoy the camaraderie of group classes with the personal attention and goal setting of working with a coach one on one. We now have that option. Membership plans are available and can be tailored to your level of personal attention desired.

3. Crossfit group classes- the magic of Crossfit is in the community. Once you have learned to move safely and effectively, now you can use that fitness to have fun in large group Crossfit classes. The competition, the learning of new skills, the games, the jokes. This is what made Crossfit such a fast growing phenomenon. It truly is life changing. Most of our members enjoy the ulimited group classes rate.

South Naperville Strength

Sports performance

Our approach to sports performance is to first evaluate, then Build the foundation, then get our kids strong, fast, explosive, and mentally tough!

1. Small group sessions- our "team training" is not just for teams. You have a group of 3-4 friends that wants to workout together, we can create a plan, find a time slot and pair you with one of our professional coaches. Ages start as young 11years old and go up through high school.

2. Team training- we work closely with the staff at Illinois spinal and sports rehabilitation to make sure all of our youth programs are safe and effective. We screen and evaluate all athletes. We find common weaknesses and eradicate them through the proper use of corrective exercises, improving mobility, stability, movement patterns and neurological timing. We make your athletes bulletproof. Rates can be provided for 2x week sessions for a team up to 14 athletes.

South Naperville Strength

Kids programs

CF kids- we offer Crossfit kids program to get the whole family involved in fitness at a young age. Kids as young as 5 years old can participate in the class's. Cost is only around $12-15/session and we offer discount for same household and if the parent is involved in other programs at SNS.


There is no magic diet plan, there is no quick fix. We eat healthy for life and teach you the tools to do the same.

1. Body analysis and nutrition tracking feedback. This is an in house service our professional coaches provide to help give you extra accountability and guidance on your nutritional journey. Programs for members include a body analysis each month, and sessions with a coach to create your plan, and weekly check in via txt/email.

2. Straight up Nutrtion. We are pleased to offer the services of wholistic Registered Dietician Sophia Elie at our gym. She is a Crossfit athlete and can help with not only fine tuning your performance nutrition but also is great for clients that need individual help with more complex health problems such as thyroid conditions, hormone imbalances, or other serious illness including cancer and auto immune diseases. Her rates can be found on her website. Contact her to set up an appointment here

South Naperville Strength


1. Events. Our big events are our Crossfit open Friday night lights (March), our tacos and tequila cookout (may/June), our everyday super heros cancer fundraiser (October), our Christmas party (January), and our PTSD/mental health awareness fundraiser (February)

2. Fundraisers. We keep our fundraising efforts close to home choosing to raise money to help families directly involved in our community. Our PTSD fundraiser is our way to give back to those who risk everything everytime they go into harms way with their job, including fire, police, military. Our goal is to make our gym a safe haven for those to get plugged in and belong to a community to help them get back to a life they love living.

3.Competitions. We have a competition team to show off all this great fitness we are getting. It is fun. It is great camaraderie. It gives your training purpose. It helps to push you to the next level if you are missing that from past sports/team/military experience.

4.MMA/boxing/bjj. If you want to get into some physical training beyond just weights, you are in luck. Coach Craig has 15 professional MMA fights under his belt and still has some of his old sparring partners around to roll and do technique work. If you are interested, contact craig directly here

5.Our apprentice program - love the atmosphere here and want to be a part of it? Do you think being a professional fitness trainer and coach would be a great and fulfilling career? We would love to talk to you to see if you would be a good fit for our team. We have a unique profit sharing structure as part of the Madlab fitness group that allows our coaches to make a competitive wage doing what they love and changing people's lives. If you love people, and are passionate about fitness, nutrition, or martial arts, contact us for details about our trainer appreciate program.

South Naperville Strength


Choose if you're just getting started or need to improve upon your fitness journey...

New? Awesome! Start Here... Experienced? Start Here...


We'll help you on your journey to do amazing things — whether it's to lose weight, get stronger, or step out of your comfort zone!


Contact us to sign-up for one-on-one or small group sessions. Or sign-up your team (YES. We do that.) Come experience success in a custom-made plan featuring one or many of our functional fitness areas, whether you're looking to lose a few pounds or looking to impress talent scouts this season.


Choose if you're just getting started or need to improve upon your fitness journey...

New? Awesome! Start Here... Experienced? Start Here...

Our Staff

Our coaches not only have hundreds of hours of experience, the technical skill, attention to detail, and knowledge base to help every single client but they are also super fun and embracing. Each coach has their own unique flavor, and as a crew we are all 100% committed to transformation for all of our clients. Our commitment doesn't stop when the stopwatch does, it's about more than just during classes. We will be there to support you in every area of your journey: fitness, nutrition, mindset, recovery.

Craig and Jen Kaufman

Craig Kaufman Craig Kaufman

Husband and Wife team Craig and Jen Kaufman love bringing people back to fitness. At South Naperville Strength / Crossfit Resurgence we've built a family friendly, accepting, judgement-free environment. We spend quality time with you, leveraging our in-house team of experts in a variety of fitness and nutrition disciplines to help you reach your goals.

Craig Kaufman, Owner & Head Coach
CrossFit Level 1 – 2008
CrossFit Coaches Prep – 2012
CrossFit Endurance – 2009
USAW Sports Performance Coach – 2012

Jen Kaufman, Director of Operations
Crossfit Level 1
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Aryana Burns
General Manager

CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Cheryl Pastore
Event Manager

CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

(630) 363-4797

24137 W. 111th St. Unit G, Naperville, IL 60564